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Logitree Privacy Policy

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update:

Logitree is here to help your business get through these difficult times.

Contact a Logitree technician for free assistance with business-critical issues* over the phone and/or Internet, worldwide, for the duration of this pandemic.

We understand the importance of privacy to our clients and web site visitors.  The following privacy policy aims to outline what data is generally collected and how Logitree uses and protects such data.

Data Collected About Logitree's Clients

What is collected

During the normal course of business, Logitree collects various information about its clients.  Such information includes at a minimum, the contact name, address, telephone number, fax number, and email address of each client.  As services are rendered, logs are kept detailing the work performed.  This process collects additional information which may include details about a client's computer system/network configuration, usernames, passwords, and locations of data.  Depending on the payment method chosen by the client, credit card and bank information may be collected.

What we use it for

We use information about our clients to provide or enhance the services offered, to enhance our ability to communicate with our clients about additional services they may find of value, to satisfy our legitimate business interests, including performing trend analyses and market studies, to set prices, establish credit, and for billing purposes.  Relevant shipping information is submitted to product vendors for drop shipments, and credit card and check-related numbers are submitted as needed to our provider of merchant services for processing charges.  We may offer services to our clients that are wholly or in part performed by sub contractors.  These sub contractors are required to treat clients' information provided to them as any Logitree representative would; confidentially and used only for purposes necessary for rendering such services.

How it is protected

It is Logitree's policy to treat what we learn about our clients as confidential.  We will not disclose our clients' information to any third party, except as necessary to provide services to those clients, and as required by law.  We treat our data as assets that must be protected against loss and unauthorized access.  Logitree employs generally accepted information security techniques such as firewalls, access control procedures and cryptography to appropriately protect confidential information from unauthorized access by users inside and outside of Logitree.  Access to client information is limited to those individuals who have a legitimate business need for that information.  Electronic check and credit card transactions with our merchant services provider are performed over 128-bit (high) encrypted Internet communications.  As soon as credit card numbers are submitted for charge verification, only a partial credit card number is stored on Logitree's system, for identification purposes.  Although highly unlikely, even if unauthorized access were to occur, our clients' credit card information would not be usable.  Rest assured that Logitree adheres to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), see certificate of current compliance status.

Data Collected About Logitree's web site Visitors

What is collected

Visitors of Logitree's web site can browse most areas of the site without revealing who they are or providing any information about themselves.  However, some of our interactive services require that visitors identify themselves in order to enable the interactive feature.  We may ask users to provide relevant information in these situations.

As do most web sites, Logitree's web site automatically collects certain information about its visitors for system administration, security, and statistical analysis purposes.  At a minimum, this information includes the visitor's IP address, what type of web browser and operating system that visitor is using, and what resources the visitor requested from the site.

What we use it for

This information is logged and analyzed to understand where requests originate so that we can provide the most efficient service, enhance security, ensure appropriate usage, and produce traffic volume statistics.  When necessary, such as during times of suspected hacking operations, additional information may be logged during visitors' browsing.

Concerning interactive services, information is usually gathered for the purposes of modifying existing client accounts, providing feedback about our products and services, requesting information, and utilizing online features such as ASP-based services.

How it is protected

This data too is treated as confidential and is protected by the same methods as client data collected by Logitree representatives.  All site content is protected in both directions by SSL utilizing a 2048-bit asymmetric key with a 256-bit signature.  Whenever in doubt, check your browser for https:// or the lock symbol appearing in the address field, indicating a secure page.

Note that the private key used for a given session is negotiated dynamically, based on the options presented by the client (your browser) - and the server's compatibility with, and preference for, those options.  The method of determining the cipher that is in use for a given session is browser-dependent.  Here are some hints for recent versions of the major browsers:

In Chrome, click the Chrome menu button, More Tools, Developer Tools, and click the Security tab.
In Firefox, click the icon to the left of the URL, More Information, and click the Security tab.
In Internet Explorer, right-click anywhere on the page, select Properties.
Safari and Edge do not appear to provide this information.

Term of This Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may change from time to time as today's dynamic Internet, technology, and legal environments grow - please check back regularly.

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*Eligibility for business-critical status will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, in Logitree's sole discretion.  You will have the option of obtaining technical support for issues deemed NOT to be business-critical, which will be billed at Logitree's normal rates.

Logitree invites you to schedule a free initial on-site system analysis.  Your precise needs will be identified, as well as the appropriate solution and its cost.

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