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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update:

Logitree is here to help your business get through these difficult times.

Contact a Logitree technician for free assistance with business-critical issues* over the phone and/or Internet, worldwide, for the duration of this pandemic.

The configuration stage of a given computing system can be the most challenging.  It involves the orchestration of many layers of technology.  Successful configuration depends on several factors, including proper completion of the design, procurement, and installation stages.  Perhaps the most important factor is the experience of the technician performing the configuration.  The technician must be aware of the interacting nature of the components involved.  The technician must not only realize that the modification of a seemingly independent component will very likely affect another, but also be able pinpoint what that interaction is.

Logitree's configuration procedures closely parallel our installation, testing, and administration procedures.  We utilize skilled technicians to perform configurations.  Any given configuration involves different technologies.  Only technicians with a skill set matching these technologies will be assigned to perform the configuration.  Every configuration provides a 'safety net', or more advanced level of support available to the configuration technician, should that technician need assistance.  Detailed notes of every configuration are kept by the technician.  These notes are included in the resulting invoice, both for your future reference and ours.  They provide you with the opportunity to learn more about the inner workings of your system, and in many cases, provide the outline of procedures to accomplish certain configurations.  In the event a problem occurs as a result of the configuration process, these notes provide invaluable clues as to what went wrong.

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*Eligibility for business-critical status will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, in Logitree's sole discretion.  You will have the option of obtaining technical support for issues deemed NOT to be business-critical, which will be billed at Logitree's normal rates.

Logitree invites you to schedule a free initial on-site system analysis.  Your precise needs will be identified, as well as the appropriate solution and its cost.

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Please note that if a default e-mail client is not configured for the system you are using, you will not be able to send e-mail to the addresses referenced in this site by clicking on their links.  In this case, you can copy and paste the address into your e-mail client (web-based or otherwise).  If you have no e-mail capabilities whatsoever, you can use this form (secure) to request information or provide feedback. 

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